Recently we’ve sent our email subscribers lots of information about 2 important subjects:

1. Furthering your short sale education AND

2. Finding cash buyers

I wanted to illustrate this point even further by showing you copies of the last 2 checks that we’ve collected THIS MONTH (February 2011). You’ll have to remember that the name of my company that flips houses is called JL Investing, LLC. With that being said, “check” these out:

Now first let me point out to the you that the check for $119,941.56 isn’t the NET profit on that deal. The actual net profits, once private lenders were paid off, was about $33,000.

But the second check, the one for $35,100 was 100% profit (we assigned the short sale to a cash buyer, and never even closed on it).

So why I am posting pictures of checks here on my blog? To brag? Not in the least. In fact, if you’ve been reading my blog you know that I pretty much never flaunt checks in your face. I don’t need to. However, because of what’s going on RIGHT NOW, I felt like showing this proof was important, for the following reasons:

1. Both of these deals were short sales. Both of these deals came from a “secret source” that I’ll be sharing with others for the first time ever, LIVE, on stage (I NEVER speak on stages) next weekend at a short sale investor event. The event is being held by my friends Sam & Mike, who might just be the BIGGEST short sale investors here in San Diego (they closed 24 deals in the past 2 months). I live in the same city as Sam & Mike, so to “compete” with them I need to find deal sources that they don’t know about.

Like to learn this “secret” deal source? Come and spend the weekend with me, Sam, Mike & the nation’s #1 short sale attorney, Ron Ballard, in Los Angeles February 25th-27th. You can register for the event for only $17 by visiting this special webpage.

2. Both of these deals were flipped to cash buyers. I didn’t have to mess around with retail buyers, hoping they could get financing. I had no seasoning issues, and on the deal where the check is for $35,100, we didn’t even close on the property! That’s our assignment fee. But the key to the deal was having cash buyers (a different cash buyer on each deal) who could close! To get a FREE list of cash buyers in YOUR area, right now, head to this special webpage. It’s part of some really great videos some friends of mine are giving away. The bottom line is, you NEED cash buyers, and this website is the fastest, quickest, easiest & cheapest way to get them.

Some of you had problems accessing your list of cash buyers, so I even made the following quick instructional video for showing you EXACTLY how to get your list. The short 6 minute video is here:

How To Find Cash Buyers For Your Real Estate Investing Business

That’s all for today. I hope that this blog post has inspired you to do 2 things:

1. Come out to LA for what promises to be the best short sale investing event of 2011 (February 25th-27th) and discover what this “secret strategy” is (and how I’m getting these juicy short sale deals) AND
2. Download your FREE list of cash buyers right now!

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