I feel like I’m returning to a place that I’ve ignored WAY TOO LONG. This blog, for the entire REIMarketingTips.com community has been ignored far too long.

You see, Dreama and I were so consumed with the launch of SaveMeFromForeclosure.biz that we pretty much exclusively focused on that site, and it’s blog, and have been ignoring this blog, my original blog for real estate investors.

Well no more, because it’s all about to change.

I’ll have some BIG announcements coming up here in the next couple of weeks.

The first big one goes out to all of the metro Atlanta area preforeclosure investors. SaveMeFromForeclosure.biz needs your help!

We are actively looking for people to join our team and become SaveMeFromForeclosure.com local representatives throughout the Atlanta area.

And Dreama and I personally coming to Atlanta to recruit you!

We’ll be hosting a happy hour on Friday, July 25th from 7-9pm at the Atlanta Airport Sheraton:

1900 Sullivan Road
Atlanta, GA 30337
(866) 716-8127

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Dreama and I will be there to answer all of your questions that you have about joining our team.
I promise it will be worth your while to drop by if you’ve been thinking about becoming one of our local representatives.

Now why am I going to be in Atlanta?

You’ll have to keep updated on our blog, and you’ll find out why.

This story has only just begun.

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