Harsh title of my post, but I needed to make it blunt and to the point.

If you’ve been following my blog lately, then you know that I’m living in Bocas Del Toro, Panama for the summer, while still doing deals back in San Diego, CA.

I closed on a deal a few weeks ago, which wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences.  After confirming with Ticor Title THREE WEEKS in advance that a Panamanian notary public would be acceptable, they informed me, a day before closing, that it wouldn’t work.  (They said the notary wasn’t done correctly, even though I asked them in advance to let me know what would be necessary).

Then a couple of weeks later, a friend of mine pointed me to this awesome new website, called SignNow.com.  They are the pioneers when it comes to online notarization, which was made legal on July 1st 2012.

I used their fantastic online notary service, and chatted with a licensed notary public in Virginia via my webcam, who validated my identification and my signature.

I sent to the PDF of the notarized Grant Deed to my escrow officer, who then forwarded the PDF to Ticor Title, asking them if it was “acceptable”.

Of course the people at Ticor, wanting to play God for some reason in this transaction, have already informed me that the notary isn’t valid.  Here’s the email thread (you’ll obviously need to scroll from the bottom up to get the gist of the entire message):

As you can see from this thread, I’m not happy because of the lack of service I’m receiving from Ticor Title.  I’m paying them to do a job, and instead of working WITH me (their customer) they are working against me!

I find it incredulous that they would instantly refuse to research this and try and help me get the deal closed.

My personal situation is that I happened to be stranded in Panama City last night, because our flight back to Bocas Del Toro was canceled.  Upon receiving the unhelpful emails from San Diego’s worst title company, I have decided to attempt to head to the US Embassy tomorrow morning to get these documents notarized.

The problem, however, is that I don’t have a scheduled appointment.  The next available appointment is August 31st!  I’m hoping that the Embassy will indeed do a job of providing services to its tax paying citizens.

I’ll have an update to my post tomorrow, but please know for now, if you’re closing real estate deals in San Diego County, DO NOT use Ticor Title.  Not only are they not looking to help their customers, they enjoy making decisions on matters that aren’t even theirs to decide.

Ticor Title now holds the title as the worst title company in San Diego.  In closing: Ticor Title sucks!

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