If you read my post from last night, you’ll know that Ticor Title didn’t even bother to investigate a new law that has made getting documents notarized online legal and acceptable.

SignNow.com is a forward thinking tech company that is a the market leader when it comes to online notarization, but apparently Ticor Title doesn’t believe in even researching the new laws for its “customers”; (I use the term “customer” loosely.  Ticor Title treats the people who pay them to perform a service more like an ATM).

Rather then support me (a returning client) by looking into how to leverage and use online notarization, they simply flat out refused my perfectly legal document.  That’s right, they didn’t even take it to the county.  They simply killed the deal and told me “live signature, or we don’t close”:

(Hey, let’s at least give Ticor employees credit for checking their work email on a Sunday).

Realizing that this was I fight I wasn’t going to win on the day, I had to adjust my schedule, and stay an extra night in Panama City, running up the following bill in the process:

Extra night hotel room: $135
Cabs to/from US Embassy: $55
US Embassy Notary Fee: $50

Exposing Ticor Title in San Diego as a backwards thinking, non-progressive title company who treats their customers like nothing more than ATMs: PRICELESS!

I recorded a short video here for you as I was sitting at the airport, waiting to fly back:

Funny how the people at Ticor Title think you can just pop down to the Embassy as if it’s around the corner, like a Starbucks.

WARNING: if you’re closing real estate transactions in San Diego, CA, please DO NOT USE Ticor Title.  They change the rules, and don’t look to get deals closed; instead, they look to blow up deals, even ones from returning customers.

One more thing (and I couldn’t even make this up, even if I wanted to):

The transaction that I blogged about earlier this month (1529 Grove St) closed on July 6th 2012.  I just found that as of today, 24 days later, our private lender has STILL NOT received his wire from the payoff!  That’s right, Ticor sent the money to some random Chase bank account, took days to find the money, sent the wire again, only to have it rejected because they couldn’t complete a simple task like sending a wire!

Can you imagine it taking longer than 3 weeks to send a lender a payoff?  Well if you have the unfortunate experience of working with Ticor Title in San Diego, you can!

The current deal, the epicenter of the online notary fiasco, is scheduled to close tomorrow.  I’ll have an update for you once it does.  Until then, remember this: Ticor Title is the worst title company in San Diego, CA.

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