Over the past few days I’ve sent you some emails about a friend of mine, Matt Andrews, who uses the internet to find his buyer and seller leads online.

The best part about what he does is that using the internet to generate leads allows him and his wife Lindsy to travel the world.  In fact, here’s a video we shot together in Bocas Del Toro, Panama in June of this year.  At the time, my family and I were living in Panama for the summer, while still doing deals back in the USA.  Matt spent 7 weeks backpacking Central America, and we hooked up and recorded this video:

www.REIMarketingTips.com/tycoon is the website where Matt is giving away his very best secrets on how to travel the world and still be able to flip deals.  Watch this important video where Matt actually reveals his 2 favorite websites for finding leads, and which site he definitely stays from.  Enjoy!

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