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I’m sure you’ve been getting a bunch of emails from me
(and others) about Brad Wozny’s "Syndication".

If you have ANY questions whatsoever about this, or,
any OTHER real estate related questions, there’s a
streaming web "TV Show" you need to register for tonight:

Whether your questions are about wholesale, retail,
flipping, landlording, foreclosure, REO, short sale, it
doesn’t matter, because you can get them answered
LIVE, tonight!

It’s going to be like Syndication TV!


Brad will be streaming and answering questions for 3 full hours.
You would be INSANE to miss this.

Go register here:

It all starts at 4PM PST/7PM EST tonight.

The reason he’s doing this is because he wants  
to answer questions about the SHOCKING reports and
videos he’s recently released.  They’re causing quit a firestorm.

Go register:

Anytime you get unlimited access to someone like  
Brad it’s CRUCIAL you take advantage of it.

Before you get on the call here’s what I would  
do If I were you:

  *  Go register for the call right now… go…  
     then come back to this email…

  *  Start writing down every question you can  
     think of that you want answered about real  
     estate investing…

  *  Show up about 5 minutes early because you  
     never know about technology and it’s  

  *  Start asking Brad every question you have  
     and make sure you stay on until you get an  
     answer or the session ends…

Go Register Now!

You’ll want to take notes through this entire 3  
hour session because you never know what kind of  
golden nuggets will get yanked out.

You’ve got an opportunity to question a guy who  
commands $2,500 an hour for consulting and gets  
it easily.  And now you’ve got him at no cost.

Enjoy the live session!

Justin Lee

1685 H. St., #679

Blaine, WA 98230

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