Since we announced the launch of, we have had a tremendous response from the investment community, and we wanted to thank you.

The service is really helping homeowners facing foreclosure, who are desperate to sell their homes, connect with local investors who want to buy their homes

However, I have already received a NUMBER of emails from folks asking: “Where Are My Free Leads?”

While I understand that everyone wants free leads, please understand our business model, and how and when a free lead is distributed to you.

Remember that these leads are coming from our website. A homeowner fills out a form, looking for help in stopping a foreclosure.

If we have a local representative for that particular county, that individual gets the lead.
No one else sees it, as they are the EXCLUSIVE , official representative for their local county.

Now let’s say that there is NO local representative for the county that the respective homeowner fills out the form for. It then depends on how the homeowner classified his lead. You see, each homeowner coming into our website indicates whether they would prefer to KEEP or SELL their home. We hold onto all of the Keep my home leads, and try and help these homeowners negotiate with their existing lender.

According to our research and statistics, 8 our of every 10 homeowners coming into our site wants to try and KEEP their home. This means that 80% of our traffic is interested in keeping their homes.

What that means is that the leads that you are going to get, from are going to be homeowners who want to SELL their homes (only about 20% of the leads coming into our site are from homeowners who want to sell; the rest just want to try and keep their homes) AND their home is NOT already in a protected territory (county).

While I thank everyone for their questions and their desire for more leads from our site, remember that essentially you’re third in the pecking order:

First are the people who have signed up for EXCLUSIVE rights to their respective county(s).
Second are the leads for homeowners who have elected to try and KEEP their home (80% of all leads)

If you’re interested in finding out how you can get exclusive access to all of the leads (whether KEEP or SELL my home) for you local counties, please click here.

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