Big happenings in the Lee household: last week, about 3 hours before I stepped on my flight to head to Las Vegas for 30 hours fun catching up some good buddies from Penn State for a night of fun, we ratified a contract to sell our principal residence here in Vancouver.

We did very well on this property, and although we absolutely LOVE the property, 1590 square feet of living just isn’t realistic for 2 adults and 2 children.

One of the main reasons we sold is that I believe that Vancouver, as a real estate market, is due for a correction (we’re experiencing right now what I consider to be a false real estate rally, driving by insanely low-think 2%-interest rates). That, and the fact that our current residence could never really comfortably hold 4 people, made it the perfect time to sell.

So the now the question is, where do we move to?

Option #1 is to stay in Vancouver and rent. It makes things easy on us, and we can just pack up and move (hopefully less than a few miles away).

Option #2 is to buy something else in Vancouver. I don’t really think that this is a smart option, as I believe the market here to be very overpriced right now.

Option #3 right now is to move to Seattle. It’s close, transition of our business would be VERY easy (we’d be moving only 3 counties away from where we currently invest), and we have friends there. In fact today we’re submitting an offer on a short sale property that we would buy as our principal residence. There’s another short sale that we’ll be making an offer on as well (probably next week)

Option #3 is to move to San Diego. I literally JUST booked flights for us to fly down there next week and check it out. We’re looking at short sales, REOs, and also other properties on the market. We’ll be making LOTS of offers, and looking for a deal.

This is where I need your help:

First, if you’re familiar with either San Diego or Seattle, please suggest neighborhoods for us to check out. Don’t forget that it’s Dreama and I, and we have two small children (both in diapers). We’re ideally looking for a very “walkable” neighborhood.

Our short list in Seattle right now Queen Anne, Magnolia, Green Lake, Belltown, Capitol Hill, Wallingford & Fremont. What our we missing?

In San Diego, we’re checking out Mission Hills, La Jolla, Hillcrest, Kensington, Del Mar, Point Loma and Pacific Beach.

Please leave a comment. Also, if you have wholesale deals in these areas and are looking to get cashed out, please post them below, as we could very well buy your property.

Please provide your input, we’d love to hear it…and please wish us luck with our decision!

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