Freedom – specifically financial freedom – is
probably why you entered real estate.  Did you
know that it is possible to generate financial
freedom in 5 years, or less – using other people’s
money – and on a part-time basis?

Well, it is – with the right strategy.

I’m not talking about wholesaling houses or
apartments. Yes, that’s great for generating chunks
of cash but flipping does not generate financial
freedom.  Done improperly, it generates lots of
work – and work does not equal freedom.

The answer begins with the new definition of
financial freedom used by the New Rich.  And it
will surprise you because it is not what we were
taught in school.

And it has nothing to do with how much money you
have in the bank. That’s right – nothing.  In fact,
it has little to do with real estate.  Real estate
is just one (great) form of the answer.

Wednesday, Mar 5, 2008  8:00 PM Eastern (5pm PST)

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In school, we are taught to study hard, get a good
JOB, work 30-40 years and stash away some money in
the hope that we live long enough and frugal enough
to retire and live off our nest egg.

That’s a viable strategy but one catch – it takes
30-40 years to accumulate the appropriate nest egg.

Well, you don’t need to wait 30-40 years. In
fact, financial freedom can comfortably be
accomplished in 5 years or less.  And it can be
done using none of your own money.

There are simply no excuses for not doing this.

It all depends on choosing the NEW financial
freedom strategy AND understanding the craft of
attracting private money sources who are motivated
to see you become financially free.

This is the ultimate Win-Win.

Recently, I interviewed fellow real estate
entrepreneur, Lance Edwards – who is quietly
lighting it up in the Houston market doing
apartment deals using none of his money.

With a no money down track record on every deal,
he’s become expert at raising private money for
financial freedom.

And on a telecall with me this week, he’s revealing
the secret that has less to do with apartments and
all about understanding the Financial Freedom
Strategy of the New Rich.

Wednesday, Mar 5, 2008 8:00 PM Eastern

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Think you know all there is to know about raising
private money?  Well, did you know that if done
improperly, you can run foul with the Security &
Exchange Commission?  Ouch – total loss of freedom.

Listen in on how to easily stay within bounds while
raising all of the private money you’ll ever need
to reach financial freedom. This is the first time
I’ve heard anyone address the SEC requirements.

Just like Lance busts the limiting beliefs and
myths that keep most people from larger success
with apartment deals, he’s busting the myths that
keep most people from financial freedom for their
ENTIRE lives.

If you are a bird dog, wholesaler, rehabber, or buy
and hold entrepreneur, this telecall is for you. If
you concentrate on single family, multifamily,
commercial or land, this telecall is for you.

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This is going to change the way you look at your
financial freedom strategy forever, and I urge you
to sign up NOW.


Justin Lee

PS  In previous interviews, Lance showed how to
create $1 million in net worth using other people’s
money in 7 years – and part-time.

Well, he’s raised the bar and he’s now revealing
the strategy to create financial freedom in 5 years
or less – part-time and, of course, using none of
your own money.

Just cut and paste the link below into your browser or
click on it:

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