Last week’s webinar with real estate investor Joe McCall was a huge hit, and we FINALLY have the recording of the webinar posted for you below.  On this training, Joe reveals how he:

•    Wholesales properties that have no equity
•    Outsources almost everything to Virtual Assistants and Realtors (and soon to be interns!)
•    Finds all the Sellers he needs for free on the internet (I know a couple of his tricks, but I can’t wait to hear them all)
•    Spends zero money on marketing to contact these Sellers (cash tight?  then don’t miss this if you want to get      started investing without a marketing budget)
•    Flips these deals from Prague using only his laptop

Also, in this video, we reference a few resources for you:

  1. How you can download Joe’s real estate investing podcast for free!
  2. His FREE “Fash Cash Survival Kit” for real estate investors
  3. His “Numbers” excel spreadsheet that you can download here

Enjoy this comprehensive and very informative training session here:

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