So this post isn’t entirely about real estate investing (although the video below is).

This post is about why I should be selected as the winner of the Shoemoney contest for an all expenses paid trip to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas in January 2012.

The first reason that I should win is because I’m not just a taker (taking the prize if I win), but also because I’m a giver.

And I’d like to give back to ShoeMoney because a “little birdie” told me that he’s been thinking about staring an internship program.  Now ShoeMoney may or may not know this, but I’m an expert at showing other business owners how to find, hire & manage interns to grow their business.

And if I’m selected as the lucky winner, I want to personally help ShoeMoney set up his own internship program and show him (and his staff) how to find interns, quickly and easily.  I’ll even share with ShoeMoney’s team how to set up a Virtual Internship program.  (Instead of a “Virtual Assistant” what about an local, hard working, college educated person who wants to intern and work virtually, for ShoeMoney!)

The second reason I should win is because I practice what I preach when it comes to using interns in my business.  Not only did one of my PR interns land us an interview on, but they have even found houses for me to add to my real estate investing portfolio, and attend the closing on my behalf, so I didn’t have to:

The third reason I should win is that I’m giving ShoeMoney a nice link back to his site because he shows people how to make money online.

The fourth reason that I should win is because I’m going to hook up ShoeMoney with the killer resource who made this video for me:

And the final reason that I should win is because if ShoeMoney is going to let the winner “roll with him” he wants to hang out with someone fun, interesting and intelligent who won’t be overbearing or a pain in the ass!

Pick me ShoeMoney, I’m your man!


Justin Lee
CEO & CO-Founder

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